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People born in July are...

July Born

Individuals born under the zodiac sign of Cancer and Cancer-Leo have their birthdays in July. As we already know that Cancer sun sign individuals are highly emotional and love their families to the core, people born in July share similar traits. They are very caring and protective about their loved ones. They are sticklers for details and observe things with a very keen eye.

Good Organizers

They are very good organisers and ethical in their approach to work. Their hard work and determination towards their tasks is commendable and hence, they often inspire others to do well as themselves. However, with the Cancer's emotional traits taking charge, they can be unstable when upset and are given to emotional outbursts. Often their thoughts are well hidden and those who are close to them cannot decipher what is on their minds.


They are good with their culinary skills being good cooks and even real estate. They make good managers too, but their super organising skills can get annoying as they tend to be perfectionists and very critical. They love to be surrounded by nature and make good gardeners.


They are prone to mood swings and are unpredictable. The crab, i.e. Cancer, rules those born in July and hence, their mood is heavily influenced by the moon's fluctuations. Known as the nurturers of the zodiac, they are house proud and overly protective people.

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