Compassionate, Resourceful, Tenacious & Imaginative

Astrological Characteristics of Those Born Between June 22 & July 22

Cancers are compassionate, resourceful, tenacious and imaginative. Fiercely protective and nurturing, they are family-oriented and also inclined to take in strays.

Unless the ascendant falls in a more unreliable sign, Cancers tend to be trustworthy and responsible. They are usually good prospects as business partners, as well as for friendships and romantic relationships.

Business Sense

Cancers have a lot of common sense and a practical outlook on life, which makes them good business people and shrewd investors. They have a talent for making money and investing it wisely and practically. Many Cancers start successful businesses and most have a lot of good, practical business ideas. Businesses involving liquids, food, hospitality, children, animals or boats are particularly favoured.

Passionate and Protective

Cancer people are quick to blow up and quick to forgive. They are aggressively protective of friends and family, and will not tolerate anyone saying bad things about those they love. Although they are usually gentle, Cancers can turn ferocious when threatened and show a surprising amount of physical and emotional strength. They are equally protective of the weak and vulnerable, and many take in strays. Cancers are good with vulnerable adults, animals and children, able to intuit their needs.


Most Cancer people need a mate, a nest and children to make their lives complete. Their placid, giving natures often create marital harmony, though some freedom-loving individuals might find Cancerians love smothering. Unless the ascendant is in a more fickle sign, Cancerians tend to be loyal, not only to lovers, family and friends, but also to their countries of origin, which manifests as a fierce patriotism. Cancerians are homebodies, but they are also sociable with those close to them (though some are painfully shy outside of their inner circles). They prefer to live with others. However, these others are generally close friends and family members rather than casual acquaintances.


Cancerians often devote their entire lives to their mates and their children, sometimes at the expense of developing their own talents. This can cause a martyr complex if they're not careful. Unless the ascendant falls in a fire sign, Cancerians often put others first and don't take care of their own needs, which can lead to resentment and bitter arguments. Cancers have a tendency to spoil mates, children and animals. They are often the ones to take care of various extended family members as well. Cancerians need to be needed.

Extremely Sensitive

Cancerians overreact to criticism. Words can wound more deeply than blows. When hurt, a Cancerian will usually retreat for awhile. Cancerians may seem moody or crabby, but this is a tough exterior designed to hide their vulnerability from others. They are prone to worry, and tension may be experienced as stomach upset, heart palpitations or tightness in the chest. Some Cancerians grow depressed as a result of the self-pity that comes from dwelling on real or imagined slights. They have a tendency to complain a lot about minor problems, but meet major traumas with quiet stoicism.

Intuitive and Empathic

Cancerians are highly intuitive. Many Cancerians have a strong, almost psychic link with at least one member of their family if not all of them. Cancerians are good at assessing the moods and feelings of others and offering comfort if needed. Cancerians can withstand physical hardship but they have trouble with emotional hardship. Because of this, they are very empathic and quick to comfort those who are sick and suffering. Many Cancerians get taken advantage of by unscrupulous people because they can be quite gullible and eager to help.

Active versus Passive

There are two types of Cancerians—the active and the passive. The first type is usually active on behalf of other people or animals. Cancerians will labor tirelessly on behalf of a friend, partner, family or a good cause, but without such a focus, this sign has a tendency to be lazy. Cancer people can sit around for hours socializing, drinking, watching TV or listening to music. This tendency toward extremes can also be seen in the cleanliness of a Cancer house. Cancer homes can either be extremely tidy or complete disaster areas.


Cancerians spend a lot of time thinking about the past. They tend to have particularly powerful relationships with their mothers (either extremely good or extremely bad) and with other women in their lives. Many Cancerians have an interest in the ancient past as well as their own pasts. They indulge in nostalgia, which makes them good historians. Common Cancer hobbies include collecting antiques, furniture restoration, restoring old cars or boats, archaeology and other activities relating to the past.


Cancerians are good problem-solvers, which leads some of them to become bossy and even controlling as they can see what should be done in a given situation and feel that they are pushing others into doing things for their own good. This tendency needs to be overcome, or family and friends will grow resentful.

Water Loving and Addictive

Most Cancerians like boats, sailing, pools and baths. They are drawn to water and liquids, which is probably why quite a few of them drink too much. This is an overindulgent sign. Cancerians love to feed their friends and family, and will often consume too much themselves. Cancerians also become addicted very quickly to cigarettes or drugs if they indulge in them.

Creative and Domestic

Cancer is a creative sign and many Cancerians have artistic talents. Music and photography are common strengths. Cancers also tend to be excellent cooks and have green thumbs, which makes them pleasant household companions.